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James Quilley

Contact number : 65-8288-1679
Email address : info@emeraldgolf.biz
Block 691A, Choa Chua Kang Crescent
#08-44, Singapore, 681691


  • James is a leader who inspires change in others and makes a real difference in the work place. He changed my life and I would be grateful to work with him again or recommend anyone to work with him.

    Sri Wiyatiningsih – Director of Sales & Marketing: Sentul Highlands Golf Club

  • James was a very professional, committed and honest leader who was able to make the difficult decisions to create a fair work place.

    Norman Hode – Golf Operations Manager: Sentul Highlands Golf Club

  • Learning from James was a very fun and unique experience. He respected our culture, but made us challenge ourselves to try new ideas and strive for our best. I feel he genuinely cared about us as people, not just employees.

    Liu Xiao Hui (Lavon) - Elite Golf Caddy: Wuxi Tailake International Golf Resort

  • James deep experience in golf developments is obvious and he is a pleasure to work with. He brings the valuable blend of views of owners, contractors, employees and customers all together to help create a final product that is "win – win" for all.

    Calvin Sylva – Golf Course Lead Shaper: Wuxi Tailake International Golf Club

  • James is a true expert in management training. He is able to quickly get the trust and support of others and delivers his advice and leadership in a warm, personable manner. Its a pleasure to work and learn with him.

    Jack Coleman – Clubhouse Manager: Nikanti Golf Club

  • "It's been an absolute pleasure working for you and even though it's only been a short period of time I've already learnt a huge amount. I definitely admire the planning and organisation that you have within your work and also the way you conduct yourself in any business situation.

    This is something that I will, and I'm sure Nick will as well, try to emulate in our future careers. I never thought I'd be able to learn so much in such a short period of time but apparently you have a way of teaching that just fills our brains with info."

    Aston Ward – Golf Marketing Manager: The V Golf Club

  • "James has an immaculate attention to detail that has been honed through vast and wide ranging experiences. His ability to create economical, efficient and innovative solutions then communicate these to owners through to golf shop staff are what makes him one of the leaders in the golf club management field. I would be grateful to work with James again."

    Nick Solski – Director of Golf: The V Golf Club

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