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Emerald Golf Media

  • Course Focus

    The exclusive management by Suzhou Jinji Lake International Golf Club... [ read more ]

  • Chinese Article

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  • On Course for Growth

    It all started with Arnold Palmer. In 1982, Hong Kong tycoon Henry Fok... [ read more ]

  • "IMG Beefs up services to golf course ..."

    In a time when many companies are scaling back and cutting service and expenses, IMG is rolling... [ read more ]

  • James Quilley golf interview EPGA

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  • Nancy Greene & James Quilley

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  • Emerald Golf golfTips

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Emerald Golf Articles

  • "The cream rises to the top"

    There is a saying that exclaims "the cream always rises to the top", meaning of course that the best... [ read more ]

  • "Does your club have the flu?"

    I am not referring to the swine flu… What I mean is, how is your club doing? Is it operating healthily?... [ read more ]

  • "Marketing your golf club"

    As an owner or an operator, General Manager, Department Manager, it is imperative that... [ read more ]

  • "Does your club require staff training?"

    If you answered "NO" to any of the above questions or you are uncertain of the answers, then "YES"... [ read more ]

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