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Tailor-made Services

Emerald Golf certainly covers all the bases when it comes to providing premier golf consultancy services, but really distinguishes itself with its fully adaptive program of golf services that allows you to dictate the nature of the relationship to suit your cultural environment. We can provide both pricing structures to meet your budget, as well as both short term and long term work contracts giving you the option to terminate at any time. Moreover we can work entirely in the background allowing your management team and company to receive the recognition. If you think your golf operation needs improvement, are concerned about cost and just need to speak to someone, contact Emerald Golf today and allow us to put your mind at ease.

Pre-opening Services

  • Our team will guide you along the critical path necessary to ensure you open your golf club with all the necessary services and products in place to meet your business goals.
  • We can construct a timeline of actions necessary to meet your launch date.
  • We will supervise the pre-opening process and alert you and your team to urgent priorities and actions to ensure success.
  • We will be as flexible as you like in the process in terms of days on-site, decision making and outsourcing other contractors and vendors as required.

Management Consultancy Services

  • If your golf club is currently operating, we can work with you and your golf club management team to incorporate industry best practices, and develop a set of policies and procedures for your club that makes you unique.
  • We can assist you in yield management and marketing programs to drive business growth beyond your current levels.
  • We can provide managerial training to select departments that will ensure your staff is performing to a higher level than your competition.

Full Management Services

  • If you are a developer that can recognise the benefits of a successful golf operation to your overall business venture, but don't have the expertise, then we can take on this responsibility for you.
  • We can work on your behalf under the parameters of a detailed contract operating your golf club to meet your desired return on investment whilst providing the highest standards of service adding increased value to your overall development.
  • We can recruit and retain key management and we can accept the operational decision making process for the entire operation, based on an annual business plan approved by your company.

Mystery Operations Audit – Exclusive to Emerald Golf

We can visit your golf club secretly, observing and experiencing your product and service and provide you with an unbiased evaluation of your facility. This will involve a scoring report, as well as detailed explanations and photos, along with recommendations for improvement.[ read more ]

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Key Services

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    Project Vision Planning

  • Reason 2

    Pre-Opening Services

  • Reason 3

    Full Management Decision Making

  • Reason 1

    Comprehensive Business Planning

  • Reason 2

    International Marketing

  • Reason 3

    PGA Event Hosting

  • Reason 7

    Membership Sales Program Development

  • Reason 8

    Annual Goal Setting and Team Building

  • Reason 9

    Specialized Staff Training

  • Reason 10

    Operations Audit

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